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Respite Care

About Respite Care

If you’re the primary caregiver  of a senior  we understand that it is a 24/7 responsibility.  We also understand how overwhelming it is to even think about trying to plan for that needed respite care.  You have so little free time  to begin with so how can you possibly fit in planning for respite care ?  You have so many questions beginning with who would possibly understand all the needs your loved one has?  And who would possibly take care of your loved one  like you do?

Caring for a loved one is critically important, but taking care of yourself is also critically important.  It is hard to be a caregiver.  Sometimes you just want someone to figure it out for you; answer all your questions—put your mind at ease.  Well when if you’re considering respite care for your loved one the Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care is the very best choice.  When you choose The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care , a member of Connecticut Senior Hospital Alliance, for your loved one’s respite care you are giving your loved one the very best medical and social environment for their care while guaranteeing your peace of mind. 

Our Philosophy to Respite Care

Your loved one will have a choice of a private or semi-private room, that is well appointed to meet his/her every need.  But more importantly every respite stay comes with care you can trust from skilled healthcare professionals who have chosen to work in a hospital dedicated to providing care for seniors.  We do not have a minimum length of stay for respite because we understand that every situation is unique and your plans can change hourly!  While your loved one is in respite care, he/she may take part in a variety of recreational  programs, enjoy our day center programming; all while being under round-the-clock supervision.

How Do People Typically Use Respite Care?

  • Vacation
  • Visiting Relatives
  • Celebrating Milestones (sister turning 70!)
  • Business Trip
  • Time to simply catch your breath and relax  in your own home

Medical Services Available

We understand that sometimes during respite care, your loved one may need medical services.  If medical services are needed, we are able to provide IV therapy, pain management, wound care, x-ray and laboratory services, and of course as an acute care hospital your loved one will have access to a physician 24/7 should it be required.

Who can I call to Talk about Respite Care?

For more information about respite care, please call Central Intake for The Hospital at Hebrew Senior Care at 860-218-2323.  Let them know that you are calling about respite care on our Medical Hospital Unit.  All services are private pay and must be paid in advance of the respite care.




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